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Walk With Ease

About the Program

Learn about the Walk With Ease Program that is proven to reduce the pain of arthritis and improve your overall health.


Experience Walk With Ease, improve your health and learn what's in the tool.


Use these resources to stay committed to the Walk With Ease program.

Online Tool

The online walking tool offers a fully private environment where you can record key elements of the Walk With Ease program.

Mobile App

Tracking your steps just got easier with the Walk With Ease app right at your finger tips.


The Walk With Ease in the Worksite program is a low-cost, 6-week walking program that can easily be integrated into an employer’s wellness program or provide an excellent starting point for a new wellness program.


Get step-by-step instructions for warming up, basic stretches, additional stretches, and strengthening exercises that will help your walking program.

Predict Your Joint Pain
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Predict your joint pain level based on the local weather.