Psoriatic Arthritis Questions

Overlapping Psoriatic Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

When arthritis-related diseases have similar symptoms, how do you know which you have? Can you have more than one? Read More >>

Are Steroid Creams Safe?

When you have psoriasis plaques, you may use quite a bit of steroid cream to ease the itching. How much is too much? Read More >>

The Best Doctor to Treat PsA

With both joint and skin symptoms, how do you know which specialist to see? It’s not necessary to shuttle between offices. Read More >>

Psoriatic Arthritis Without Skin Symptoms

Your back, joints, and tendons all hurt, but you don’t have any of those thick, flaky patches on your skin. Can it still be psoriatic arthritis? Read More >>

Hormones and PsA Flares

Hormone fluctuations can wreak havoc. Learn how your menstrual cycle can affect your pain. Read More >>

Pain-Relieving Rubs and Psoriatic Arthritis

Topical analgesics are often used to ease arthritis pain, but are they safe for psoriasis plaques? Read More >>