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How to Pick Up Your Grandkids

Lifting grandkids can hurt joints. Here’s how to do it safely.

  • To pick up a child from the floor, lower yourself onto one knee, tighten your stomach muscles and lift, putting the stress on your legs instead of your back. To lift a child from a crib, lower the side of the crib so that you can comfortably reach the child.
  • Pull the child close the center of your body, cradling her against your chest. Don’t sling the child onto your hip and hold her with one arm.
  • To put the child back down on the ground, return to the half-kneel position, make sure the child is balanced on her feet or sitting down and release her. To return the child to a crib, bend from the waist instead of stooping your shoulders.
  • Adding exercises to strengthen your back, arms and shoulders to your daily fitness routine will make picking up the kids a little easier.

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