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Other Activities for Arthritis

Best Exercise Equipment for Arthritis

To safeguard your joints and make your next workout even more effective, here are guidelines for features to look for when choosing exercise equipment. Read More >>

Dance-based Fitness Makes Working Out Fun

Specialty dance classes like belly dancing and hip hop keep exercise interesting and fun, and with modifications, offer benefits for people with arthritis. Read More >>

Smart Tips for Golfing With Arthritis

There’s no need to hang up your golf clubs once you’ve been diagnosed with arthritis. With just a few adjustments you can improve your golf swing. Read More >>

Benefits of Stationary Cycling

The benefits of stationary cycling are many. You can do it in inclement weather; it's easier on the knees than running, and it's also an option for those who have balance problems. Read More >>

Tai Chi for Arthritis

Learn how these gentle, fluid movements and proven health benefits, are a natural arthritis workout. Read More >>

15 Ways to Work Out With Arthritis

Find the arthritis workout that is right for you with these 15 joint-friendly exercises; plus tips, cautions and more. Read More >>

Essential Bike Accessories

The right bike accessories can enhance your riding pleasure and your safety. Read More >>

Tips to Finding the Right Bike

Find the type of bike that meets your comfort level and riding needs and learn about the differences in bike designs. Read More >>