lower body

Lower Body Exercise Videos

Lunch Break Leg Lifts

Lunch-break leg lifts strengthens the muscles in your outer hip and buttocks. View Video >>

TV Watcher's Quad Lift

A quad lift is a great exercise you can do anywhere, even while watching TV. Watch our exercise video and you can learn how to do a quad lift quickly so you can do them anywhere. View Video >>

Wait-in-Line Toner

Looking for exercises to tone? These exercise videos can help you tone up and stay in shape wherever you are. View Video >>

Leg Press

Do you want to start working out your legs? The sitting leg press exercise develops the legs, back and gluteal area. View Video >>

Seated Knee Lift

Looking for knee exercises? This exercise video shows you how to get the benefits of knee lifts while being seated. View Video >>

No-Band Sit-Stand Squats

Get a jump start on a healthier you with these no-band sit-stand squats. Take a look at this video for great squat exercises. View Video >>


Want to learn the best way to do bridges exercise? Follow along with this exercise video that shows the basics of bridges workouts to help you get in shape and stay healthy. View Video >>


Looking for step by step directions on the proper way to do a clam exercise? This exercise video shows you how to strengthen the muscles on the outer hip and in the buttocks. View Video >>

Side Leg Raise

Here are some simple instructions on how to do a good and effective side leg raise. View Video >>

Standing Heel Raise

Learn how to do some easy standing heel raises to work your legs. View Video >>

Standing Hip Extension

Here's how to do a great standing hip extension that will give you great flexibility and strength in your lower body. View Video >>

Straight Leg Raise

Searching for directions for a straight leg raise? Learn how to strengthen your knee by doing this straight leg raise exercise video. View Video >>