cooking tips for arthritis

Cooking with Arthritis


With the right tools and techniques cooking tasty and healthy food at home can be a real boon – you’ll not only reap the reward of the accomplishment, but you also get its health benefits. Studies show cooking at home not only can result in better nutrition, but it can also help you maintain a healthy weight. Our experts share how to make it happen.

  • Set up prepping and cooking stations at a table so you can sit while you work. Or, sit on a stool at a counter.
  • Prep workstations in advance. Set out cookware, mixing bowls, utensils, small appliances, etc. the night before to spread out heavy lifting or ask friends or family to help. And keep bowls and tools close so it’s within easy reach.
  • Get assistance with slicing and dicing. To eliminate gripping and holding food in place as you slice and dice by hand, use an ergonomic knife and a one-handed cutting board with spikes, aka a Swedish cutting board. And keep knives sharp to ease cutting.
  • Buy pre-cut, frozen bags of microwavable veggies if cutting and cooking fresh vegetables in pots and pans proves too difficult. They’re flash frozen so their just as nutritious as fresh veggies.
  • Use small appliances. Cook entire meals in a slow cooker with a liner or convection toaster oven – to ease cleanup – instead of a conventional oven.
  • Use a hands-free, automated stirrer for recipes that require regular stirring on the stove.


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