JA Camps

Teen Retreat Campers

We are so excited you have decided to attend JA teen retreat this year! We are going to have so much fun together! Once you’re signed up for teen retreat, it’s just a matter of counting the days until the fun starts.

What to expect at Teen Retreat:

  • Lifelong friendships with other teens with JA
  • Other teens taking arthritis medications, just like you!
  • Leadership development activities
  • Cooking competitions and other fun activities!

Activities might include things like:

  • Teambuilding activities
  • Arts and crafts
  • Conversations with peers who "get it"
  • An excursion to someplace new or an activity you've never tried!

Who do you live with at teen retreat?

Each cabin has teens about the same age or grade in school. Cabins will also have awesome counselors who will show you the ropes.

Teen Retreat activities:

You'll get to try so many new, fun things at teen retreat! Every location is different, but we promise you won't be bored! You will have several activities each day. Activities might include things like:

  • Stories and s’more at the campfire
  • Games
  • Skits
  • Arts and crafts
  • Zipline, climbing wall or obstacle course

What to pack:

Sleeping bag or blanket/sheets
Sleeping attire
Two towels (swim and bath)
Three pairs of socks
Three pairs of underwear
Three shirts
One pair of long pants
Two pairs of shoes (flip flops and tennis shoes)
Rain gear (umbrella and/or rain coat)
Goggles (if used)
Insect Repellant
Water bottle (with name)
Book or playing cards

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