From the core group of volunteers to the much-needed day of event volunteer.  This section will help your group focus on key responsibilities and ensure all “manpower” needs are met.

Volunteer Committee

Without the support of dedicated volunteers, many Arthritis Foundation events and activities, such as Jingle Bell Run, would not be as successful as they are. In fact, volunteers touch every facet of the Arthritis Foundation, including our core mission areas.  A volunteer's passion for our cause, their talents and community connections are vital to the success and growth of Jingle Bell Run. Use the following tools to develop and enhance your committee. 

Committee Structure

If you don't already have one in place, develop a committee structure for each event. A committee of volunteers dedicated to specific roles and responsibilities, in partnership with Arthritis Foundation staff, is key to our jingling success.  It helps volunteers hold each other accountable for tasks assigned and enables a committee to work cohesively for one main goal. Remember, a committee with volunteers from different facets of your community brings a diverse set of skills, ideas and community contacts!


Committee Meeting Tools

Day of Event Volunteers

You will want to thoroughly train the volunteers to ensure event day success.  Volunteer leaders overseeing different areas can be instrumental in supervising their designated area and training their crew.  You will want to have a meeting (or separate meetings that the volunteer leaders manage) prior to event day to go over the job duties and details of the event.  If you are not able to do this, require attendance at an early morning meeting to go over the details.  Either way you will want to have correspondence with all of the volunteers prior to event day.  Send or e-mail each volunteer a job description and instructions as to where to check-in, what time to arrive, etc.  You can use the following volunteer instructions but will need to tailor them to your event.  Also, post step-by-step details of what to do on each table or volunteer area.  Communication is key – it is also empowering!

Provide each of your volunteers as much information as possible to succeed!                         

  • Volunteer instructions with responsibilities
    • Please note these on the following pages. Insert your specific event day information and provide the sheets directly to the volunteers.
  • Directions to the event
  • Event day agenda
  • Course map
  • Question and answer sheet
    • Tailor the answers to your event and provide this to the volunteers to use as a resource.    
  • Day of event contact information
    • This is key for the organizer, if someone is unable to attend at the last minute it is helpful to know that they won’t be showing up.

You can also help on social media, check out the Volunteer Social Media Guide!

Use this list to help brainstorm sources for event day volunteers.